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ECRS is a Commercial Roof Innovation.

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    ECRS Is Not a Coating. It’s a Permanent Hybrid Epoxy Roof Laminating System.

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    Never Do Another Roof Tear-Off. Ever.

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    ECRS Is Impervious to Standing Water.
    An ECRS Roof Can Hold Water for Years.

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    We Just Turned Your Roof into an Asset.

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    ECRS is a Specially Formulated 2-Part Marine Grade Epoxy, Hybrid-Roofing with Fiberglass Mesh that Permanently Fuses and Laminates to Your Existing Roof Cap.

    ECRS Ramada Hotel roof leak repair


    This is a roof leak repair for a major hotel chain. If not for ECRS, the hotel would have incurred a significant cost to tear off three roof layers, plus the stones. Instead, ECRS repaired this roof leak at a fraction of the cost. Adding epoxy-infused polymesh to the trouble areas adds extra durability before the first ECRS application. The ECRS dries to a non-shrinking, tough coat and can be worked over after 48 to 72 hours.

    ECRS No Roof Tear-Off


    ECRS saves Cap-X by 30% to 35%+ of the cost of a new roof or re-roofing with the initial resurfacing. In addition, ECRS dramatically reduces labor costs over typical roof tear-offs. ECRS does not lead to time delays for applying multiple roof coats or roof replacements. We first do a thorough inspection and cleaning. We address all damaged areas - seams, leaks, alligatored or roof intrusions with a unique mix of epoxy and polymesh fabric. 

    ECRS Holds Water


    Since ECRS is NOT A COATING, but a Permanent Roof Laminate, ECRS can literally hold water for 20 or more years! Unlike, coated roofs warrantees that only give 72 hours for standing water - ECRS can hold water indefinitely.

    ECRS is a Roofing Game Changer.

  • Save 30%-45% Over Conventional Roof Replacement & Repairs.

  • Prevents Thermal Roof Shock - Therefore, Preventing Seam Splits, Cracks and Tears.

  • 20-Year, Renewable Warranty.

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    Sq. Ft. Permanently Fused Roofs 


    Avg. Savings vs. Conventional Roof Replacement


    Water Penetration

    ECRS Prevents the Spread of Fires.

    A fire erupted underneath this 8,000 sq. ft. roof, engulfing the building's interior. The intense heat twisted the metal purlins, but ECRS held firm despite the heated metal. ECRS does not allow for sparks or embers to generate, thus preventing the fire from spreading. This customer compelled their insurance company to use our ECRS solution rather than the insurance company's standardized repair solution. The central burned area was approximately 500 sq. ft.

    ECRS can the spread of fires
    ECRS Can Save HVAC/Electrical Costs by 10% - 35%!

    ECRS is Designed for Cost Effective Heavy Duty, Industrial Use

    ECRS is a complete roofing system featuring fiberglass mesh and, in particular situations, Kevlar. In certain areas, we add quarter-inch chopped fiberglass strands to reinforce the topcoat, to provide additional strength and bonding to the coat below.

    “Using Epoxy Cool Roof allowed us to continue operations and make repairs to weaken areas of roof while avoiding a tear off and disposal costs. This allowed us to spread capital spend and saved over $200,000 while getting cooling benefits in the summer.”

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    ECRS Could Save Your CAP-X Thousands!

    We'll Come to You to Inspect & Review Your Roof and Provide You with an Assessment, On the Spot!

    With ECRS there is no downtime or waste associated with a full roof replacement. ECRS offers a 20-year warranty. And a simple re-coat will extend the warranty for an additional 20 years.

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