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NexGen Commercial Roof Technology.

Puts an End to Tearing Off & Replacing Leaky Roofs!

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Water. Snow. Ice. Hail (up to 2.5-inch) while retaining flexibility. ECRS is a permanent roofing solution that encapsulates existing roofing membranes and surfaces.

ECRS was originally formulated as an industrial marine coating for submerged steel.


Because we are not tearing off any part of the roof, flashing, or gutters, ECRS can be applied over planned intervals. For instance, you can do ½ the roof this year and ½ the roof in 2 or 3 years. Or, do the entire roof over the next five years, if you like.

ECRS is permanent and easily bonds with itself; you can do your roof as your budget allows.


Factory Guaranteed 20-year Standing Water Warranty at no extra charge. A standard warranty of 20 years includes a standing water warranty.

After 20 years and a fresh re-coat, your ECRS roof gets a renewed 20 warranty